4 Ways To Stop Your Rodent Problem in Melbourne

Rodent control in Melbourne is becoming increasingly important with rodent infestations across the country. Here are some things you need to know to prevent your home-based paradise from becoming a rodent free-for-all. 

image of a rodent

  1. Entry points. Sealing any holes, cracks or crevices into your home is an important first step in preventing rodents from being able to get into your home in the first place. Be sure to inspect the property in areas leading under the house and into the roof as these are key areas for access. 

  2. Warmth. Rodents will look for a warm place to build their nest and breed. This is one of the reasons they enjoy human homes. Clear up any sources of warmth outside your home such as leaf or mulch piles or compost. 

  3. Food. Rodents will look for food wherever they can find it. Outside of your home, this could be in the form of fruit trees, vegetable gardens, or compost piles. Inside the home, this would be food that is not sealed properly, food debris, and pet food. 

  4. Strategic plants. Consider what you plant in your garden as your first offence. Mint is great for rodent control as they are highly sensitive to it and would not view this as a source of food. Be sure to control the mint though so it doesn't grow rampant. 

Rodent control experts in Melbourne, such as Pest Zap, suggest that it can be an easy task if done the right way. Controlling entry, warmth, food and garden composition are just some of how you can take a preventative stance in managing rodents in your Melbourne home.