A Quick Read On Tribal African Art And Their Culture

Several art genres have different themes which differentiate them from other genres. This is because the themes often reflect the culture from which the art genre originated. They represent things that are important to this culture.

In African art there are four general themes that describe African culture. These include "spouses", "women and children", "men with pistols or animals" and outsiders or "strangers". There are several art galleries In New York from where you can get unique and authentic african art. Pace African art is a very renowned gallery among people.

african art sculptures

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A common theme in African art is the pair believed to be the ancestors or founders of the community. Most of the arts discussed are temples and ceremonial statues. This theme represents the importance of the two as one. Pair also means strength and honor.

Mother and child

Mother and child are also common themes in African art. They represent the motherland and humans as their children. In addition, this theme also reflects the value attached by African society to motherhood and the relationship between mothers and their children.

A man with a gun or an animal

This theme is usually used to pay homage to departed ancestors, as animal statues indicate a person's status. Africans value animal ownership because it means honor, power and wealth.


In African culture, a foreigner is someone who comes from a different country or ethnicity, or is generally considered unwanted. Usually, these works of art depicting foreigners exaggerate physical differences and emphasize the differences between foreigners and tribes.