All About Military Divorce

Armed forces personnel who have to divorce are protected by regulations that aim to keep their spouses out of profiting from being active in the military.

A spouse who is on active duty may not be able to be present at divorce proceedings since the spouse isn't located near the court for divorce. You can also get more information about military separation in Hawaii via online.

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In this case the soldier could ask the court to hold the proceedings until military obligations permit them to be able to attend. The judge is likely to grant the delay only if it is established that the military's involvement does not significantly affect the participant's capacity to be able to attend.

Active duty military personnel must immediately inform that court about their active duty military status and, if applicable their intent to seek an order of stay pursuant to the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act.

Since the stay granted for the divorce proceedings is at the discretion of the court, military personnel might require an attorney to file the motion to the court to defer the hearing. Later or later, the status is approved, divorce proceedings will continue.

It could be beneficial financially to speedily file divorce. Because a pension from the military increases in value with time, delays in divorce proceedings could increase the spouse's financial stake in a member's retirement benefit.