All About Portable Kitchen Blender

There are a ton of important features when shopping for a kitchen blender. The strength of the portable blender, the amount of speed, and capacity of the jar are some of the most important. You also want to look at consumer reviews and quality reports. How expensive is the blender should also play a role in your decision? Although it is not often considered, here are some other things you should look for when buying a portable blender.

It is important to look for the product warranty. When looking at the warranty, you also have to look at some consumer reviews as well. You can see what kind of response they receive from the customer service. If manufacturers respond quickly to new blender complain and get out right away, then it's a really good sign.

Many of the latest blenders will have awesome auto-timer on their control panels. Basically, the timer will start and stop the blender motor when the ingredients are blended appropriately.

It will then beep to let you know it's done, similar to a microwave oven. This feature is a huge time saver because you are free to go off and do other things while your smoothie is blending. You won't have to check and recheck the blender and stand by it to see if it's finished yet.