All About Roatan Island, Honduras

If you've been on a cruise before, then you really know that getting there is half the fun. That being said, however, there is not much that is more appealing than waking up in the morning knowing that today you will explore a new country for the first time.

Roatan, one of Honduras' Bay Islands, lies north of the mainland. Christopher Columbus first landed here in the early 1500s, but today Roatan started welcoming various types of ocean-going vessels: yachts. Why? This has to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Once you see what you have to offer, just your question will be how has it remained the best-kept secret for so long.

On our visit here, look for Roatan dive hotels that involves riding the bus for several miles around the island.

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I have always found a trip to the tourist sites that draw on your own – it's a great way to learn about a country, an excursion while en-route to your destination. Visitors here will see a wild mix of things while en route – furious development bordering primitive environment.

According to our tour guide, even Roatan utility infrastructure is very new, the island has electricity only get in the last decade or more.

Upon our arrival, we found that Fantasy Island is actually a separate island of Roatan; connected by a wooden bridge to the larger island. The resort is decorated with everything tropics, including tropical plants and monkeys and peacocks roam freely.

The staff has done a very good job to keep this resort looks like just-discovered hidden beaches, while still offering a full-service resort complete with a dive center.