All About Weed Killer

Keeping lawns and gardens free from weeds is a matter of serious concern for almost all gardeners. Most of them do not want to use any sort of artificial or chemical things for the removal of weeds.

The reason is that using artificial or chemical herbicides may not be completely safe for us, although the manufacturers of these products as well as different government agencies may advocate for these as being completely safe.

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If we want to make sure that our beloved kids, as well as pets, do not come in touch with any sort of harmful chemical products, we have to look for a natural and homemade remedy for weeds.

It is really good news for us that there are a lot of safer options for removing weeds available to choose from. However, most of homemade weed killers may contain the following:

60 grams of salt

1 liter of white vinegar

1 squirt of washing liquid

You have to make sure that these ingredients are mixed properly so that especially the salt is fully dissolved. After that, you can safely use the mixture in your gardens and lawns.

Another thing you have to make sure of is that this mixture must be sprayed directly on the weeds on a shiny bright day to getting a better outcome.

While spraying the solution, you have to be careful so that you do not put it in a useful plant that you do not want to kill at all. Moreover, this solution contains the salt element which will sterilize the soil for nearly 2 years, where you cannot plant anything new.