All You Need to Know About Sodium Metabisulphite

Sodium metabisulfite is used as an antioxidant agent in many pharmaceutical formulations. It's widely used as a food and disinfectant preservative. You can find sodium metabisulfite for sale in a bright white powder form. It has been shown that sulfite exposure can affect several organs. Curcumin, the main element of Curcuma Longa, has been identified to have several protective properties. 

The present study extends the earlier works to quantitative evaluation of the effects of sulfite and curcumin on the heart structure using stereological methods. In this study, 28 rats were randomly divided into four experimental groups. The rats in groups I to IV received distilled water, sodium metabisulphite, curcumin, and sodium metabisulphite+curcumin, respectively, for 8 weeks.

The left ventricle experienced a stereological method to estimate the quantitative parameters of the myocardium. A 20% decrease was observed in the total volume of ventricular tissue in sulfite processed animals compared to processing distilled water.

Also, the volume and length of the capillaries were reduced by 43 % on average in the sulfite-treated rats in comparison to the distilled water-treated animals. However, no significant change was seen in the mean and total volume of the myocardium and the cavity and diameter of the capillaries after sulfite ingestion.