Autism Symptoms – List Of Signs That Your Child Has Autism

When symptoms of autism first appear on your child, it can be quite daunting, but with early detection and treatment, many improvements can be made. You can also go for the naturopathic treatment for autism & ADHD in North Sydney that has no side effects on the health of the child.

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Here are some of the symptoms of autism that may indicate that your child has autism spectrum disorders.

Failure To Respond To Their Name:

If you contact your young child's name, and he does not respond, it's not a good thing. After a certain age, your children or young people should recognize and responds when you call their names.

Avoid Eye Contact:

It can appear very early, it could even be one of the symptoms of autism that are recognized in infants. Baby once autism is diagnosed in them they often avoid eye contact with their mothers. In addition, many babies with autism do not want to be held or cuddled. 


We do not know much about the causes of autism, but fortunately, we are getting better at recognizing symptoms. This is one of the most recognized symptoms and is frequently becomes unresponsive to people. 

Obsession With Certain Objects:

Many children with autism will focus and pay their full attention only to one item and rest they avoid. For example, they can watch the sun hit the window without stopping, or have a favorite toy that they will never give up.

Repetitive Actions Or Activities:

Does your child do the same thing again and again? Obsessive playing with a rope? Going through a particular movement or sequence of movements that they can not quite get out of? After a very set routine with their toys that you can not break or else, it will cause great destruction? This is another sign.