Awesome Reasons to Visit Dreamworld Theme Park on the Gold Coast

Dreamworld is located on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The park consists of rides, attractions, events wildlife, restaurants, helicopter flights and much more. This article highlights some of the rides and attractions designed to thrill, relax and have a whole heap of fun.

Great theme park – which covers more than 30 hectares so spending some time deciding what ride you want to go is very important. you can know more about adventurous kids theme parks via

Park maps can be downloaded from their website and printed so take the time to do this – it will save you heaps of time on the day because you do not want to spend an hour deciding what to do and where to go – especially with young kids interested to do everything!

Some shows are only on at certain times during the day so timing is everything – you need to allow enough time for standing in line, going on the ride and then walking to the next.

Some of the ‘show’ is:

1) The V8 supercar – which is a virtual race around a V8 track at Mt Panorama in Bathurst. You put yourself in the driver’s seat and experience full-motion virtual motor racing!

2) IMAX theater – this is a movie theater six stories high. Incredible movie and you really feel like you are “in action”. There are plenty of seats but sometimes you have to line up – so get there early.

3) Helicopter flights – a luxury jet helicopter takes you for a flight over the Gold Coast.

4) The Giant Drop – this is apparently the closest thing to free-falling 120 meters at extreme speeds. I would suggest bringing along a pair of spare clothes that you decline to below 120 meters vertically in seconds – heart-stopping action.

5) Thunder River Rapids ride is basically a tube ride with your friends! You are traveling to a foamy water track reaching speeds up to 45km / hr through the turbulent rapids. It was a lot of fun and the line was not too long the day we were there.

There are plenty of rides and attractions we tried at Dreamworld, some I do not want to remember! Most of our day was very pleasant – but be prepared to do a lot of walking – and screaming!