Bathroom Sink Cracks Know the Top Causes for this Mess

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Cracks are bad unless they are small enough to grow into bigger problems. And only a few tend to stay small for long. So, you should inspect and get the cracks repaired as soon as you find an issue. Bathrooms sinks are one of the common fixtures that will get cracks you should care for.

But do you know what causes these cracks? Here are some of the common reasons.

  • Drastic Changes in Temperature: Temperature change can be determinantal to a lot of things, leave alone sinks. But, for sinks, cracks appearing due to temperature change can point to a lot more you should be careful about. Repeated temperature shocks can cause the enamel and porcelain to crack and swell. So, if your sink has developed cracks in a short time, you should get it repaired. And then, find out measures to control temperature changes if that’s the cause.
  • Impact Damage: Being fragile, porcelain can develop cracks through impact. For instance, when a sharp or heavy object hits a porcelain sink, it can break depending on the intensity of the impact.
  • Rust: Metals are prone to rust, particularly when there’s water around. And metal used to reinforce porcelain’s strength in a bathroom sink has good chances of developing rust due to water contact. And this can then lead to problems like warping, swelling, and cracking.
  • Age: Every material comes with a definite age. So, with time, your sink is likely to develop cracks even if other problems are avoided. How much time it will last depends on the material and quality.

You can ask plumbers in the Coffs Harbour area for the best quality sinks and proper installation to avoid cracks and other problems over time.