Benefits Of Infrared Therapy In Skin Treatments

The infrared radiation is emitted by the sun and has three variations, namely near, far and middle. The band of light is perceived as heat. The warming of the human body happens by a process known as conversion.

The far infrared sauna therapy is the only variant which penetrates the human body. The far radiation penetrates three inches in the body and through conversion warms the body without heating the in-between air. This reduces the heat pad discomfort on the skin, even penetrating deeper in the skin. For these treatments, infrared medical lamps are used.

infrared sauna

The infrared medical lamps are used in hospitals and clinics for infrared therapy. The models developed for these therapies are professional and are well suited for different therapies. The lamps are available in two versions.

The medical lamps are coloured according to the correlated colour temperature which is the black body temperature level.

These medical lamps have many benefits and effects. Before taking this therapy it is advised to consult the doctor and take precautionary measures. The cell regeneration is the main benefit and the skin sensory nerve ends are heated mildly.

The mild heating provides an analgesic effect on the skin being treated. The temperature of the body is increased with the applied heat by the physical therapy equipment and supplies like the infrared medical lamp. The heat penetrated spreads to the tissues surrounding the skin.

To conclude, the thermal effect of the infrared medical lamps result in metabolism issue production, relaxation of muscles and capillary vasodilatation. The medical lamp is used in therapies like tissue relaxation, beauty-enhancing treatments and tissue renewal.

The radiation intensity can be controlled and the transmission of light can be controlled. The lamps require a 250W bulb and weigh around 5kg. The therapy duration ranges from 10 minutes to 1 hour.