Best Sheet Metal Stamping

Sheet metal stamping is a type of a manufacturing process that stems by combining a couple or more of several other procedures like piercing, drawing, blanking and forming with the use of a stamping press on a sheet metal.

Stamping could be done to other kinds of materials like polystyrene, but sheet metal has become the most common among all of them. All of the operation mentioned above should be carried out with the use of a special tool that is dedicated for hard tooling. You can also get the best composite press molding service through various online sources.

In this case, a high volume part would be created out of a single configuration of one design. It is the complete opposite of soft tooling, which is used in laser profilers, CNC turret presses and press brakes. There are two kinds of equipment in sheet metal stamping: the hydraulic presses and the mechanical presses.

The hydraulic presses utilize hydraulics to produce force that can be controlled by an operator. They could handle anything from 20 tons to as big as several thousand tons. They are efficient in delivering the expected power and are best used when deep drawing, forming (force type, not displacement type), and blanking with coining or forming.

On the other hand, mechanical presses make use of a mechanical flywheel that could stock up the needed energy in order to deliver the right amount of force when it is time to do some punching on any material. Their size range varies between 20 tons and 6000 tons. Those who would like to do shallow drawing and blanking at a much higher speed should make use of mechanical presses instead of the hydraulic ones.

The precise understanding about this kind of stamping is essential to companies that manufacture things as small as microchips and to those that produce things as large as bodies for different automobile models. They could either have their own machinery and equipment for sheet metal stamping or they could just hire the services of metal stamping companies that could manufacture the needed parts and just deliver the finished product to them.

There are many other important factors to consider when you are into sheet metal stamping. Since sheet metal stamping is a very common manufacturing process used in the industry, it is best that companies are equipped with right kinds of equipment and knowledge for them to perform this operation accurately and precisely.