Blinds In Melbourne: Why Buy Blinds From An Expert

Cat looking through blinds in Melbourne

When it comes to buying blinds in Melbourne for your home, it is helpful to understand where is the best place in Melbourne to buy blinds. Blinds are window coverings that control the amount of sunlight that gets into a room. They also can moderate the amount of heat that or cold that gets into a room. In this regard, blinds are an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor windows. When it comes to quality, you need to consider a few things, such as the elements used to construct the blinds, the fabric used and the installation. 

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, which is one of the states in Australia. You can get blinds all over Australia, it just depends where you live. For blinds in Melbourne, there are a few choices to choose from. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of buying blinds from a reputable blinds manufacturer like A1 Blinds and why it is best to go with a specialist rather than a company that sells many items and does not specialise in, or is an expert in blinds. 

Like most products, you will always find that you get the best quality, service and workmanship from buying directly from a specialist. They are generally good at one main thing, rather than average at many things. Many of the big home furnishing retail companies in Melbourne won't be able to give you any expert knowledge and advice. The products are imported from places like China, where the parts may not be of superior quality. They manufacture this way, in order to keep their prices and costs down. This makes the product cheap but does not necessarily mean that the blinds are going to last. If you have experienced a product in the past that breaks, usually just after the warranty expires, then you know what I mean. It can be very frustrating. 

A good blinds shop is going to have a dedicated team and range that is only about blinds. All they would sell is blinds and different types of blinds products, such as awnings, e-zips, roller blinds and more. A blinds retailer in Melbourne will usually provide a good warranty, such as a lifetime guarantee. This means that if the blinds break, they will get fixed or replaced for free. Other big businesses may not be able to provide such a warranty, due to the reason of not specialising in blinds. 

Something else to help you buying blinds is whether or not the blinds business provides a free measure and quote service. It is important to have a blinds staff visit your home and measure your windows before you buy the blinds. This way, you can fully understand all that is involved in the process. You will also be able to ask many questions to the blinds expert. Be careful when enquiring about blinds costs, because you need to make sure that installation costs are included in the quote they give you. 

When you are shopping for blinds in Melbourne remember to ask these questions to the staff member in the blinds shop.

  • Is there a free installation?
  • Free measure and quote?
  • Are the parts made in Melbourne? 
  • Do you specialise in Blinds?
  • Do you have a blinds warranty?
  • Is there any guarantee? 

If for me, I would not buy my blinds from a retail store that sell all sorts of items. I would locate a blinds manufacturer and specialist retailer in Melbourne to buy my blinds from. This way you will ensure that you will be getting the best service possible and you will also be supporting the local economy also.