Brief About Software Quality Testing

Software testing is the most important part of software development and web development. This is one of the most significant phases in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). 

Most software projects fail because of a lot of errors or bugs in them. Therefore, testing of software is important to maintain its quality.  To know more information regarding software quality testing you can visit

software quality testing

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All software we use in everyday life has been tested by a professional before being marketed. Let's look at an example. Suppose a company is developing banking software. At the start of the project, the company collects the functional requirements of this software. 

All requirements are documented. The rough design of the functionality is then built on this data. All assignments and modules are featured in this design. These diagrams are also known as data flow diagrams or functional decomposition diagrams. 

After the design stage, actual coding or programming begins when the programmer writes the code. After coding, the testing phase begins.

There are two main types of software testing. Testing can be done manually or automatically using software testing tools such as load runners. For manual tests; Testing professionals check the functionality of this module by introducing various input sentences. 

Different permutations and input combinations are used to find possible errors. If you report an error after entering input, it is logged and the code is returned to the programmer.

If the problem is fixed by the programmer, this module is tested again. Keep in mind that if the code changes, correcting one coding error can lead to another. If the tester finds no bugs, this module is approved. When all modules are finished, the software is tested as a whole.