Buying Funky Coffee Tables

Have you ever just wanted to let your funky style spills out into your decor? Does the oval coffee table with short legs in maple or mahogany make you bored? If so, you've come to the right place indeed! From really far away to just a little strange, we talk about them all!

You may buy designer chairs and tables of any style at Now let’s talk about all those funky items you can keep as furniture in your home.

Classic Aluminum Executive Office Chair

A car in the living room:

How would you like a coffee table made from old car parts? Down in Texas, there was a man who made the coffee table vintage automobile hoods and trunks. Wow, car friends your fans with a fantastic table that has been scrubbed and shining, chrome legs and authentic emblem of the car at the top of the table.

Anyone game:

One of the most interesting parts that you can find is a coffee table with a built-in pinball machine. The gamer in your life is really going to love this one. The pinball table is not the actual work, but you cannot tell by looking at it. Built with the field and the lights of a real machine coffee table is sure to be a conversation starter.


Just when you thought you've seen it all, how the coffee table that tells the time? The top of the funky coffee table is actually an LCD display time aqua blue color!

Wear silver

Perhaps the funkiest of all the funky coffee table is one that is made completely out of spoons and forks. Made entirely of silver wear, this table is not always practical, but it is one sure way to get attention.