Choosing the Right Bathroom Faucets

If you want to replace your bathroom faucet with the same type of faucet, choosing a new one is easy. If you want to replace a crane type, you need to do your research and shop carefully before buying.

Types of bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures and taps are available in five main designs:

Mixers with a central set have a spout and one or two handles on one device. They are designed for use with a pre-drilled three-hole 4 "pool. You can take a look at the site here if you want to purchase bathroom faucets online.

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An ordinary faucet appears to have three parts – two handles and a spout. This set can have a total width of 6 "to 16". The bed should also be pre-drilled with the appropriate holes.

The double spout sink has two water outlets, each with its own lever or handle. One spout looks hot and one cold. These taps are rarely found in new homes, but replacement taps are still available for old homes.

Wall-mounted faucets are most often seen with showers, bathtubs and dishwashers. This can be middle and wide double spout or a single lever. Whichever type you choose, the necessary holes must first be drilled in the wall in order to fit into the plumbing. If you want to change the style of your bathroom shower or faucet, consult a plumber.

The single lever mixer has a spout with one hot and cold lever. It is designed for use with a sink with pre-drilled holes.