Custom Packaging: An Important Role In Selling Your Product

When manufacturers first consider a product, they often discount the issue of packaging. They seem to think such decisions can wait until the product is ready for production. In many cases, this may be true. However, some thought must go into packaging very early in the design process; because if a product requires custom packaging or shrink wrapping, it  could play an important role in the budgeting and marketing of these products.

Let's face it, as consumers, we love custom packaging. Something unique helps pull us into the world of such products.  And there is something strangely beautiful about shrink wrappings. And ripping that shrink wrapping makes us truly take ownership of the product.

However, as much as we as consumers may want these things, we as business people understand that custom packaging and even shrink wrapping bring with them unique costs that must be evaluated. But, if you want to buy good quality custom packaging and products, price won't be an issue. Companies like Co Pack Inc offer a wide selection of custom packaging to meet your individual needs. 

Custom packaging may require the use of industrial designers, may require extra rounds of testing; and shrink wrapping involves an additional layer of costs that may not be necessary on all products. Custom packaging may also present storage and shipping problems.

A custom package may not be as easy stacked on the warehouse floor or as easily prepared for shipping. And although custom packaging often attracts consumers, it may do the opposite. For this reason, your product may need to go through focus group testing on the custom packaging alone. 

But, on the other hand, we all know a square box can be dull; and we all know that products without shrink wrapping look "cheap" to many consumers. So where does that leave us? It leaves us where we often find ourselves when faced with a business decision. But there are still many companies that focus on quality and provide excellent packaging solutions for low costs.