Eco Friendly Reusable Straws

Nowadays reusable, eco friendly straws are on the upswing, particularly those which you can personalize using a message or design. Are you ready for something brand new in your next event? 

Whether you like trade show giveaways or something trendy for your restaurant's gift store. Environmentally sound straws are the best thing, that will never go wrong.

eco friendly straws silicone

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Some people just like drinking from a straw  instead from the cup. This may be for several reasons like flavor preference, they do not need to spoil their lipstick etc. And of course, you will take more sips and quench your desire faster using a straw on your beverage.

That is the reason why a silicone straws set with  logo or business name printed in the instance is such a fantastic giveaway at events. 

Better for Earth

Plastic straws take around 200 years to degrade, and even then, won't ever come off the earth entirely. They end  up impacting wildlife, the sea, as well as the air we breathe. It is no wonder lots of restaurants are banning parasitic straws altogether. Reusable straws are a lot safer for your environment. 

Drinks On-the-Go

On a long road trip, you are likely going to get very thirsty. This may be harmful, as research discovered that hungry drivers are more inclined to have an accident than people that are well-hydrated. Forget the plastic straws from the drive thru and come prepared with your silicone straws.