Employee Satisfaction Is Not Employee Engagement

Many companies have measured employee satisfaction for several years with the idea that satisfied employees are more involved and do a better job than those who are not satisfied.

While there are certainly some satisfaction components that may lead to more engagement, if we focus mainly on keeping our employees satisfied, we are not able to keep them engaged.

A disgruntled employee can still be fully detached and it is important to understand the difference. If you want to keep the employees engaged in your business, then you can visit https://www.crowdbridge.ca/.

Employees can be fully satisfied though and still very far from this engaged situation. If our efforts are those satisfying, our focus is to give them what they want. If we work to build the labor involved, our focus should be on giving them what they need.

According to Csikszentmihalyi, the flow has several important components, including, clear objectives, a sense of challenge and immediate feedback. There are many times that we turn away from such components as we work to keep employees satisfied.

Many companies pursuing the satisfaction of employees with subsidized lunch or put free coffee in the break room. While they may meet their desires while these kinds of efforts do not lead to the involvement of employees.

On the other hand, most managers struggle to provide immediate feedback and immediate, but which is a very important component for the involvement of employees. It should be a good positive and negative feedback, by the way.

Managers and business that focuses on the satisfaction of working to make the job easier and employees have not contributed to the involvement we need to find the right level of challenge for these people.