Finalizing A Sealcoating Contractor

Your investment in asphalt pavements, whether it is a parking lot or driveway, it will require maintenance to extend the life of the surface. This is a "doormat" for your business or an important part of the curb appeal of your home or place of residence.

Maintaining asphalt is important and sealcoating is one of the steps. However, choosing the right asphalt sealcoating contractor in Harrisburg is equally important to make the right decision to protect the asphalt to get started.


The first thing to look for in a contractor sealcoating is history or its reputation. Can they provide references? They will offer you the property to see the quality of their work?

Avoid people who go from door to door and offered to sealcoat the road at a great price because they have left-over materials from a previous job. More often than not you will never hear from them again. It is no good if no problems arise and you need them to make good on mistakes.

Second, you have to compare the guarantee on the workmanship of the contractor sealcoating. How long will they claim their application will last or wear? Also, what is included in the quote? And remember to get an appointment in writing and gathering additional information from them.

If there is striping necessary, ask if they work or if it will be subcontracted out. If they hire another contractor to perform striping, be sure to check them out as well. Once you have chosen a contractor, make sure they have insurance to protect you and your property from damage or loss.