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When the Caregiver stepped in to help an old friend or a family, they can sign up for a fairly high order. And while there may not line up behind caregiver volunteers for all tasks waiting to be done, there can be some help and a lot of it.

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Home Health Care

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Whether you require daily, weekly, or as-needed medical or non-medical caregiving services, Helping Hands Caregivers is well equipped to provide it. In addition to affordability, we offer flexibility packages, that is, that allow you greater freedom when choosing the hours you’d like us to be available for your loved one’s care.

Many caregivers will immediately protest that taking a week away from their loved one is impossible. However, respite is not optional at this point.

It is not weakness to take some time for oneself. It is not being selfish or neglectful of your duty to the care recipient, either. It is simply acknowledging human limits that many have reached before and others are reaching at this very moment.

We are the professionals who help families who are caring for older adults (geriatric care management) or others with special needs in Illinois.

Our professional geriatric care managers and special needs case managers can be your eyes and ears when you simply cannot. Find services and web sites which can help you as a caregiver to an older adult or someone with special needs on our Resources page.