How 3D Product Configurator Helps In Making Healthcare Industry Customized Products

Productimize’s customization engine can assist you in starting a healthcare-related business that allows you to market personalized health products. You have the option of choosing a range of customization options, including the shade, texture, including personal text, logos, messages as well as uploading a picture.

Customizing Patient Ward Room

The healthcare experience isn’t always excellent because the motives for having it initially aren’t always the best. Patients need a healthcare experience that is tailored to their preferences and needs. 

Customization of healthcare furniture and headwalls to suit their preference. Patients want to be in control of their space and bed, of their medical care. The best 3D product configurator can provide this kind of personalized care for patients.

Patient ID Wristbands

Personalize your wristband with your hospital’s logo, name or message, serial numbers, or upload your personal picture to upload.

Customizing Surgery Apparels

The surgical clothing can be customized according to your preference. You can pick the color, the texture, and the color of the fabric, and add your personal text or logo and upload your own image as well.

Customizing surgical tools

You can even alter the surgical instruments, such as the design and shape of tools(sharp or curved)and according to the size as well. The customer is able to visually alter the tools based on his preference.