How IT Support Company Can Boost Your Organization’s Cyber Resilience?

A study by the National Cybersecurity Alliance found that more than 60 percent of the companies that were hacked went out of business within six months. Significant damage is caused by cyberattacks as organizations are unable to respond due to not developing a cyber response and prevention strategy. 

If your e-commerce system, customer data, email, or website is suddenly inaccessible due to an attack, can you be up and running in minutes, days, or nothing? This depends on your company's cyber resilience. 

Here are the key steps an IT support company can take to build effective cyber resilience for your business.

The most common way to define cyber resilience is an organization's ability to minimize the impact of a security incident. This is a more comprehensive approach that ignores business continuity management and cybersecurity strategies. You can also hire an IT company for risk assessment via

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There are two main components of cyber resilience – the first emphasizes preventive measures such as threat notification and continuous monitoring. The second is to develop an appropriate response plan during a cyber attack. Unfortunately, most companies fail at this important second step.

Developing Cyber Resilience: Risk Assessment

Before you implement an incident response plan, you must first assess the risks your organization may face. There are many risks, including strategy, compliance, and reputation. 

In addition to these risks, other risks include operational (loss due to faulty systems, employees, internal procedures, etc.) and transactional (problems with the delivery of products or services). 

To carry out a risk assessment, you need to understand your business processes. Daily risk assessment is an important part of any business and an IT support company near me will review it regularly. Once the initial risk assessment is complete, the next step is to implement an accident response plan.