How to make a guitar fuzz pedal?

You can get the distortion you want with a guitar fuzz pedal. With a few basic tools, you can build your pedal. You will also save money by making your equipment. This guide will show you how to make a fuzz pedal that can be used for your next gig.

Finding a small amplifier is the first step to creating a fuzz pedal for your guitar. These can be found in an old radio such as a transistor. You can remove the amp from the device and save the wiring. It is important that the amp you are using fits into the pedal. To learn more benefits of a guitar fuzz pedal you can click this site.

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You will need to disconnect the amp from the outlet wires. All of these components will be used later in this project.

Extra Tips

Either a wooden box or a metal frame can be used to make your pedal. Both options work well. However, wood is more readily available and easier to work with. You will need to ensure that your wiring can run through the metal box to connect your components. To ensure that your phono cables don't become disconnected from your pedal, you should secure them to the sides.

You can build your pedal box and save hundreds over buying a premade one.