How to Rent Out Your Motorhome?

I always bought our motorhome with an opinion of renting it out and make it pay for itself. By my calculations when I have paid for insurance, storage, annual servicing and road tax our motorhome costs at least £ 1,000 to continue the road every year.

It is generally acknowledged that most motorhomes spend up to 80% of the year either on the drive or in storage; so much as you love your bike it is a fairly expensive piece of kit.

I also admit that talking to at least three sets of friends who have motorhomes their own, some of the new, some old van that the idea of foreigners using campervan or motorhomes they make them run cold blood, and they have nothing else to think of flying to the moon, but for me it was an economic decision, and one that has become increasingly important.

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First, I registered with the site, and then I create own website for my leasing through independent advertising or for family, friends, and neighbors.

When I am in a full-time job I limit myself to Saturdays and Sundays only limited hiring definitive me to an extent, however, because it works independently I have more scope to be flexible and it works well.

The income you receive through the website based on the number of berths on your motorcycle and the season, but on average you can earn between £ 250 and £ 500 per week for a little more than a few hours of cleaning and preparation.

As long as you keep the website updated on the date you use your vehicle obvious whenever you want, no restrictions. Usually, you get good notices for booking but some can be very short notice, so riding my bike is always clean and ready to go.