Improving Your Customer List with Data Appending

Direct marketing has changed. It is no longer acceptable just to know that an individual who purchased from your company, at least not if you want to stay in business.

Today, it is important to understand why your customers buy from your organization. It's really only be achieved by understanding your customers' DNA, which is realized through append data and program enhancement. You can get effective data appending services via

Reach Marketing can increase your customer database by adding the main business data elements that will enhance business intelligence and performance marketing.

In addition, we can add contact information in multiple communication channels that lead to greater retention and the ability to find leads is identical on the outside list.

B2B Data Append

We begin with a match against ReachBase your house file, a comprehensive B2B multi-channel the data we have. With the match level to 50% for companies with sites and up to 40% for individuals, we will then append information important to your database.

Email Marketing

Firm graphic businesses and Data Elements

  • Featured channels: Email, Post and Phone
  • Multi-buyer: Buyers who have responded to several quotes from different companies. They are more likely to buy from a single buyer.
  • Text Title: office prospect. This is the data point that is more reliable than the purchasing authority.
  • SIC code: Standard industrial classification code. It identifies the company's business, and individual sites.
  • Employee size and sales volume: An important factor in determining the size of the company and deserve.
  • That there Where to Buy: These variables will help you better segment and find your audience.

Data Roll-up

A significant challenge when analyzing your customer base is the lack of so that the union between the notes, which makes it very difficult to query the database and identify groups of records.