Know About Car Coating in Thousand Oaks

In the last few years, amazing improvements have been made to automotive paint finish technology. Some of the new paint finishes, including ceramic paint technologies, have led to a worrying trend in car dealerships. Many customers are being told by dealers that the paint finish on their vehicle is maintenance-free and doesn't require waxing.

The paint finish is extremely durable thanks to the advancements in coating technology. However, it can still oxidize and be affected by environmental hazards like acid rain, bird droppings or insect remains. Even the most recent ceramic paint finishes are not able to withstand acidic and alkaline contamination. An extra layer of protection is provided by car wax. If you live in Thousand Oaks and want to get ceramic coating for your car, then you can visit this link.


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Although not all dealers encourage a maintenance-free finish, many car dealers will sell their customers a 5-year or lifetime paint protection package. Although these dealer-applied upgrades can be beneficial, a lifetime paint treatment is great marketing. 

It is not possible to make a multi-year, waterproof paint treatment (also known as a paint sealant), that can protect against all types of exposure and environmental conditions.

Experts agree that you should wax your car three to four times per year, depending on the climate. Your paint finish will show signs of damage due to oxidation and environmental conditions if you wax less often than once every six months.