Local HVAC system in Manchester

Some buildings may have multiple zones or one large zone that requires a centralized HVAC system to provide thermal requirements. The local systems are not connected or integrated with the central system, but they are still part of a larger HVAC system. Hire skilled HVAC contractors in Manchester to install steelwork and pipework.

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There are many types of local HVAC systems:

Local heating system: A zone requires a complete heating system package that includes a heat source and distribution system. 

Some examples include: 

  • Portable electric heaters

  • Electric resistance heaters

  • Fireplaces

  • Wood stoves

  • Infrared heaters

Local ventilation system: A local ventilation system is a system that uses window fans to transfer air between the outdoor and indoor areas without changing the temperature of the place.

Other systems used for ventilation are air circulation devices such as desks or steering fans to increase the thermal comfort of the room by allowing heat to be transferred through conventional modes.

Local cooling system: Local cooling systems can include active systems such as:

  • Air conditioning- which provides cooling

  • Proper air distribution in the area

  • Humidity control

  • Natural systems such as convection cooling in open windows

Local air conditioner: Local air conditioning is a complete package that can include cooling and heating sources, circulating fans, filters, and control devices. 

Window air conditioners can be installed in framed or frameless openings in building walls and window openings without ducts and efficient distribution of cooling or heating air within the conditioned space.