Make It Easy For Your Child To Read

Parents are the first and most important step on your child's journey to the wonderful world of books. You have the responsibility to provide the best environment for your children by reading aloud, often throughout the day and before bed. 

There are many children's books available online. You can even find a workbook online to make your child more proficient in his studies. For your 1 class child, you can also buy 1st Grade Math, Science & English Workbooks online.

Research and experience over many years have shown that children learn the sounds of words by age 4. They improve steadily in normal conditions to reach a certain proficiency level by Grade 2. This allows learning children to be more proficient in reading and writing, which gives them an advantage in academics.

Parents of children under 3 years old are often more excited to ask: "Will my child suffer if I start so early?" Answer: No. Statistics show that between 12% and 15% of children have reading difficulties in the 2nd and 3rd grades. You can ensure that your child doesn't experience similar difficulties by starting early.

Perhaps you are wondering where to start teaching your child how to read. You can start by teaching your child the sounds of the letters along with their names. The sound of a letter can often be different from the name. 

It is not the sound that matters when reading, so don't be too concerned about how your child pronounces them. Accents can vary from one region to another and people to person. Therefore, the child might not be able to pronounce all sounds in the way you perceive to be the "right" way. Learning sounds at this stage is a temporary step towards learning to read.