Plastic Crates versus Wooden Crates

Plastic crates are used for storage, transportation, distribution, and handling of products. Previously wooden crates were used which are now being substituted by HDPE and PP crates. This article will highlight some of the major plastic crates used in the industry.

If you want to buy wooden pallets, then you can browse the web. There are various types based on how they are built:

Wooden Pallets

  • Completely closed – These are open from the lid but completely closed from all sides
  • Complete Closed with Flat bottom- These crates need a lot of smooth sliding during transportation, hence the bottom is flat.
  • Closed with Handle – These are completely closed from all sides but due to manual handling, there is a space needed for hand grappling.
  • Jali Bottom Closed – All the four sides have net while the bottom is closed and corrugated.
  • Jali Perforated Regular- These have a net on all sides as well as on the bottom. These are usually used for products that need better aeration.
  • Front Partly Opened- Some also have a front opening for easy removal of the goods inside instead of overturning the crate upside down. This also saves time and unnecessary manual labor

Based on their size and method of production(injection-molded or roto-molded), the crates are broadly classified into the following categories –

  • Jumbo Crates – These are double-walled which are used to offer extra protection and withstand rigorous usage. Made from food-grade HDPE, these are used for large storage applications, hence the name!
  • Giant Crates- These are easy to maintain and are used for the transportation of fruits, flowers, vegetables, and garments. They can also be fitted with wheels since they have a capacity of over 163 liters!
  • Conductive Crates- These are specially made from permanent blended raw material which dissipates or prevents electric charges. These are used in electronic industries where there is a large scale handling of sensitive electronic materials.