Popular Cuisines to Eat While Visiting Philippines


When it comes to traveling to Philippines, one should definitely try eating some of the best foods apart from the usual shopping places to visit or even the beaches. Foodie lovers are bound to enjoy from the likes of desserts to even a simple yet delicious array of salads. Make sure that you take some time out in order to try some of these delicious arrays of foods.

  1. Balut – Let’s start the list with the unusual which is Balut. Balut is an eye-catching dish which is a duck embryo boiled and then eaten as a snack. What’s more surprising of this dish is that the served egg is in the developing stage which tastes delicious when served with vinegar.
  2. Chicken Adobo – Now coming to one of the most popular dishes in Philippines is the chicken adobo. This dish is loved by the locals and tourists where the meat (can be chicken or even pork) is marinated first by the addition of soya sauce and vinegar. In the earlier days, this dish was cooked with the use of clay pots. Today though, this dish is cooked in metal pots or wok with the help of local spices.
  3. Kinilaw – If staying healthy is what you’re looking for during your holiday in Philippines, then have kinilaw. This is a salad comprising of fish which is served with the addition of kalamansi and vinegar. The vinegar makes the fish digestible since it is served raw.

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