Preserving Your Stucco Color

Stucco color may fade over time and sometimes it can even be stained or discolored in extreme cases. To get more information about stucco repair you can contact Edmonton stucco contractors.

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There are several different things you can do to prevent these things happening and the things you can do to fix the coloring matter, dyes acne, dye fading, etc. as well.

Preserving Your Stucco Color:

• Regular cleaning is key to maintain your color for years and helps to remove accumulated dirt piled up and eventually could tarnish (particularly the lighter colors) plastering.

• Landscape is very important to have you between the bare dirt and cement walls around the house or some form of barrier.

The water that touched the ground and splashes up may damage the bottom edge of the stucco is very fast and is likely to tarnish the wall in a matter of weeks and sometimes even days.

• If you've painted stucco, you'll have a schedule to repaint the house every 3-7 years (on average) and avoid letting it go too long.

• If you have completed a traditional unpainted stucco then you might want to consider having it fog coated to restore the luster of the original cement color and make it look like new again.

Plastering Cracks Are Part Of Maintenance:

The plaster will crack, that's just the nature of the material but you can fix most with a little patience and knowledge. Most small cracks can be repaired using small caulking and is something most people can do themselves.