Qualified DUI Attorney In San Francisco

Many fail to realize just how serious a charge of DUI is and instead treat it as just a minor traffic offense. In reality, the consequences of being charged with driving under the influence can be far-reaching and last long after you have served any penalty handed down.

If you are facing charges of DUI then you need to hire a DUI attorney to represent you as soon as possible. You can also hire qualified and professional federal DUI attorney for DUI cases.

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Being charged with DUI will result in the immediate suspension and in some cases, revocation of your driving license, your insurance company may raise your premiums or refuse to insure you all together and if you drive for a living that too could be under threat.

Hiring a DUI attorney is, therefore, an important step in trying to protect your livelihood and to ensure that if found guilty, the consequences are not too severe. If this if your first offense for DUI then you may just escape with a fine, but if you have previous convictions even in other states, then the penalties will be harsher.

Subsequent offenses are subject to increasing penalties ranging from heavy fines to long jail terms. If you caused death by driving your vehicle under the influence then your case will be elevated to a felony with a minimum jail term if found guilty. Hiring a DUI attorney will help you to build a defense with the aim of minimizing the penalty.