Roof Cleaning Using Eco-Friendly Cleaners

While most people keep their homes clean inside and out, they don't think about keeping their roofs clean. It is difficult to see the dirt on a roof if you stand in your yard. It doesn't matter if your roof is dirty or clean. Your home's appearance can be affected by it. 

The stains of moss and lichens, dirt, and mold that can build up on your roof are not visible. Roof cleaning should be done regularly. You should not attempt it if you are not capable. There are products that can clean your roof without causing harm to the environment and you. You can also hire a professional roof cleaning service in Gold Coast.

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Oxygen bleach is an eco-friendly roof cleaner. The product releases oxygen when it is dissolved in water. This helps to remove stains from your roof. It is non-toxic and color-safe. They can be purchased online, at in-home improvement stores, and at supermarkets. 

Make a solution of water with oxygen and spray it into a garden sprayer. The concentration of oxygen bleach you use will affect the ratio of water to bleach. The ratio is normally a gallon of water to five to seven ounces of oxygen bleach.

Spray the eco-roof and wash any spots that are stained. Then, apply the mixture to the rest of your roof. Spray the roof using the strongest water setting. This will effectively remove any stains.