Setting A New Aquarium

The great thing about starting a tropical freshwater aquarium is that it is the best system for beginners. Tropical aquariums are relatively cheap and the fish are usually hardy.

Saltwater aquariums with saltwater fish are more expensive and you need a lot of knowledge and good technique from the start. You can also buy Red Sea Reefer 350 Aquarium – 73 Gallon online.

When you buy an aquarium, you should consider the following:

Wash the gravel:

Place in a bowl, place it under cold running water, and keep stirring the gravel until the water runs clear. Before returning the gravel to your tank, stir the gravel vigorously to make sure you have cleaned it as best you can.

Decorative material:

Wash decorative ornaments, plastic plants, and stones thoroughly under cold running water. If you have a backdrop, attach it securely to your aquarium.

Clean tank:

Clean the inside of the tank with clean water while checking for leaks. Then empty the aquarium with water.

Is everything correct?

Before you fill the aquarium with water for your fish, check the filter (firmly attached and make sure there are no obstructions to plants or rocks), heater (firmly fixed and set at 27 degrees) make sure the lights and thermostat are properly positioned.

Maintenance of your aquarium:

You have now successfully prepared your aquarium and now have to wait. This is important for keeping your aquarium healthy and happy for the fish. The typical maintenance schedule for an aquarium is as follows

1. Clean the glass (every 3 days):

In the aquarium, algae always build upon the glass, making the aquarium look ugly. This is very easy to remove with a combination of tools.

3. Change Water (every 2 weeks):

This is best done in conjunction with cleaning the gravel, as you are now removing 20% of the water from the tank. Place fresh cold water in a large bucket with a volume of 20% of your tank.