Student Friendly Apartments in Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia has a number of well-known universities that make the city his home, which is why there are so many students who are always looking for Philadelphia apartments for rent in the city.

But finding an apartment when you're a student can be difficult, especially if you've never rented an apartment before and are on a budget. Let's take a look at some highly recommended apartments for students in Philadelphia.

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It is actually much easier to find Philadelphia apartments who are students of the environment you can think of. Most colleges have lists of apartments or attached to their websites, or they can provide you a list of areas that meet the students.

The Art Institute of Philadelphia, for example, has an entire page dedicated to helping students attending the institute to find college-friendly apartments near the school itself. It's where you can learn about the apartment complexes such as 901 Place, an apartment complex off campus that has leases that are made specifically for students.

Apartments are highly recommended for students near Temple and Drexel University. Apartments near these universities offer four-floor plans room from $ 424 per person per month. They offer many facilities including a basketball court, volleyball court, swimming pool, fitness center, free tanning and more.

Temple University also offers four-floor plans room from $ 479 per month per person. They offer the same amenities as the Edge and a leisure center, DVD library, computer center and more.

They offer four one-bedroom apartments from $ 230 per month per person. This apartment is ideally located opposite the UNCC campus. Units include all devices with a washing machine and dryer. The complex is gated with video surveillance 24 hours gives students a sense of security.