Sustainable Expanded EPS Recycling Solutions

Expanded polystyrene is often used for packaging and in construction and insulation, and as a filler for residential and commercial panels. Polystyrene is completely recyclable and can be used to make a variety of plastic products. 

This diverts waste away from landfill and reduces the need for oil, which creates polystyrene! It is easily compacted, then ground and melted into new products such as pens, hangers, photo frames, and wood-based materials. You can contact an experienced company via for the recycling of plastic products.

When melted, the expanded polystyrene becomes a rigid polystyrene block and shrinks to its original volume. Facilitate transportation for recycling and reuse of new products. There is an expanded network of polystyrene recycling partners around the world. It supports the end-of-life recycling of EPS products.

The collected EPS is fed to the granulation machine. The granules are pressed into endless lengths and placed on pallets for transportation.

Currently, all EPS materials recycled by EPS collection centers are exported for further processing. However, EPS is committed to working with companies to develop a closed EPS recycling industry.

After being exported, the EPS material is then grated and extruded to form general purpose polystyrene pellets. This can then be used as raw material for applications such as synthetic wood, CD and video cassette boxes, stationery, as well as flower pots and coat hangers.