Heading For Malaysia? Do Not Do These Things

If you are heading for this exotic travel destination soon, then here is the list of things that you shouldn't do in Malaysia.

1. Showing too much affection in public

Malaysia features a large Muslim population and this country follows a conservative Muslim way of living. Local people of the country come with a conservative mind-set and they are not at all comfortable with the idea of showing too much affection in public. If you want to go to Malaysia then you need to apply Malaysia visa application.

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During your Malaysia tour package, restrain yourself from showing too much affection/love in crowded places. You can even spot several sign-boards pasted on public transportation systems not to get involved in any intimate act.

2. Not exploring local eateries

Malaysia tourism gives you that rare opportunity to explore an unbelievably exotic and fascinating culinary vista. Local cuisines of Malaysia are seriously something that no one should miss. Being a first-timer in this wonderful country, many travelers avoid eating from local or road-side eateries due to hygienic reasons but this is a complete deception. Even these small and crowded road-side food stalls in Malaysia offer authentic Malaysian food after ensuring both quality and hygiene.

3. Wearing shoes to the sacred places

Malaysia is the home to a series of heavily decorated temples. Malaysia tourism has earned huge appreciation all over the world for these stunning temples. During your vacation, it is obvious that you are going to visit at least few of them. Remember to take off your shoes at entrance before entering any sacred or holy place in Malaysia.