The Best Hotels in Key West

When in Key West, Florida a picturesque town on the coast, off the Gulf of Mexico, you can choose from a range of Key West hotel, Key West resort, depending on your budget and length of stay.

Key West is a historic seaport with many museums, historical architecture. There are stylish boutique hotels like The Gardens on the iconic Duvall street, and several resorts of the best hotel chains like the Hyatt and Waldorf –Astoria.

The main advantage of Key West hotels is their location, close to the beach, while you will find other budget hotels in the quaint historic Duvall district and Mallory Square. Many hotels in Key West offer free shuttle drop to the city center and airport, besides the use of the bar and fitness center.

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You can even avail of massage by the poolside cabanas. You can thus enjoy the benefits of a resort right in the heart of town and indulge in fun activities at affordable rates while staying at these budget hotels.

On the other hand, you can enjoy multiple benefits at any Key West resort for prices starting from $150 and above. The resorts are set amidst lush tropical gardens, with panoramic views of the ocean and their own private beach.

You get a feel of old-world hospitality, charm, and lots of pampering. You can enjoy treatments at the spa or just spend time at the beach.