The Best Way To Monitor And Track Your Online Reputation

The major goal as an organization is to stay on top. You are already aware of the consensus of the audience and may have taken considerable steps to manage the damage that may be caused by poor online reputation management. 

You need to stay informed and basic Google searches are not enough. Big strategies are now required. You can consult professional reputation management company for proper software or online management tool that can monitor your online reputation. 

These tools work by allowing you to set up keywords that you want to monitor. This could be your business name, your competitors, or the keyword for your industry. 

What are the features you require in an online reputation monitor tool?

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  • Actual-time updates. You should look for software that can send you alerts as soon you receive an online mention. Some software will only send one email per day, while others require that you log in to the software to view your notifications. This is acceptable for routine monitoring but not for urgent matters such as a launch. You will need to have real-time updates in your tool if you are dealing with something that's time-sensitive or a launch.
  • Unlimitless keywords monitoring. This means that you want a tool that allows you to set it up with as many names and keywords as you need. Five keywords are the most common limit for an account. This won't work if you are tracking more than one business, its keywords, and competitors.