The Best Ways You Can Treat And Prevent Hammertoe In Reisterstown

If the joint on one of your toes – usually foot next to the big toe or the smallest finger – points up rather than lying flat, you may have hammertoes. This condition is actually a disorder that occurs when one leg muscles become weak and put pressure on the leg tendons and joints.

This pressure forces the toes to become deformed and fixed up in the joints. The term, hammertoes, is commonly used as a general classification for each condition in which weakened leg muscles causes digital contractures, and result in deformity. To know more about the cause of hammertoes in Reisterstown visit

The doctor in Reisterstown further categorizes all forms of hammertoes based on whether the affected leg flexible, semi-rigid or rigid. The stiffer the legs, the more pain it would cause.

Prevention and treatment of hammertoes tips

According to some podiatrists in Reisterstown, surgery is the best way to permanently fix hammertoes. Simple procedure to straighten the foot, which makes the shoe more suitable. And your feet will look more attractive, too.

But there are other improvements in addition to surgery. These include:

Wear sensible shoes

If you do not want to undergo surgery to repair your hammertoes, using non-drug padding along with the right shoes are made with a wider toe box and deeper to accommodate the shape of your feet.

Do leg exercises

Many podiatrists in Reisterstown give their patients exercises on their toes to keep them supple and strengthen the muscles that move them.