The Rise Of Video As A Vital Part Of The Online Sales Process

If you want to sell product or service in the 21st century, it's all about video. Since the beginning of the World Wide Web, things have come with an extraordinary level.  If you are in business, you have to keep up with the times, and the times are moving fast. Not very many years ago – even at the beginning of the century – many companies were sending out direct mail shots.

Everything has changed again. Actually, will you believe, direct letters have become a way to start the sales process once more?  This is because, since the demise of mass direct mail, not many businesses are using it. You don't get piles of letters through the door every morning. The result is that when you DO get a letter in a quality envelope you probably DO open it because you are curious.

This letter has changed. This is known as the letter "teaser" and consists of one page that directs you to the website. The traditional sales letters have been replaced with unique video sales promotions. You can get a creative video sales letter from 

When you enter the website – sometimes with a password so that it makes it look as if you have special privileges – you then get a very old sales page that also contains images and videos. Yes, there may be two-three or even four videos that you can watch when you scroll down the page.

Of course, if you follow this new trend in marketing, you will know that you need a video production company that can make exceptional videos for you that will be the main part of your sales process. Today, people do not want to sit and read sales letters: they want to see videos that show them what a product or service is all about.

Most businesses couldn't even begin to produce a video any more than they could undertake the copywriting required for the sales letter. However, today video has been proven to work, many times over. People sit and look at video everywhere.