The Secondary School System In Ireland

The International Student Assessment Program (PISA) examines the global education system every three years. It tests more than 500,000 students in 72 countries to measure their abilities in science, math and reading. Ireland consistently scores high on these tests.

Recent results show that Irish students perform better than the OECD average across all three categories. Interestingly, immigrant students in Ireland also perform better than their counterparts in other countries. This is a tribute to the school system in Ireland and one of the best reasons to live in Dublin when starting a family. You can enroll in grinds school and leaving cert in Ireland by visiting Ashfield College.

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The school year for elementary school students runs from September to June. For high school, summer vacation includes June, July, and August. Then the summer vacation at most universities lasts four months. All primary and secondary school students are required to learn Irish, but there are exceptions for students born outside of Ireland.

It should also be noted that Gaelscoils teaches its students entirely in Irish. However, most schools in Dublin use English as their primary language.

Pre-primary education in Dublin is only available through private institutions. However, in some preschools, state programs for early childhood care and education are available. It offers two years of education for children around the age of three.