Type of Women’s Mountain Bike

In the past, there were not many types of women's bikes to choose from but it is available both for cross-country or racing down the hill.

The Cross Country bikes

When looking for a mountain bike woman who can meet all your needs for cycling it will be valuable to know all kinds available in the market. Most bikes into the category of cross-country which is a traditional and the most famous bike for mountain rides. You can check over here to find more about mountain bike.

Type of Women's Mountain Bike

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Down Hill Bikes

Female mountain bike type is built to last long and is well equipped with upgraded parts makes them very heavy and weigh between 35 to 45 pounds. They are built to take care of big drops and hit the company while riding down the mountain at full speed. This means that they are not designed for hill climbing.

The All Mountain, Trials and Direct Bikes

All women's mountain or mountain bike trail is a mixture of cross-country and downhill bikes remember that they are not as heavy as a free bike ride; they do not light as cross country. It's built to handle all areas of riders that may go into his cycling trip.

The trial class female mountain bike is designed to jump or jump bike obstacle whether indoors or outdoors. The type of jump is on the other side is designed for road racing and jumping and to slalom down the mountain.


This classification of the type of mountain bike women can vary from one manufacturer to another, and some of their models may not fit in any of the class’s altogether. However, regardless of the design and model of bike use is determined by its components.