Understand The Behavior Of High Nickel Alloys In Inorganic Acid Chlorides

Aqueous solutions of inorganic acid chlorides several hydrolyze a specific limit to produce dilute hydrochloric acid, in particular at temperatures linked with their evaporation. 

Nickel-copper alloy Monel 400, Nickel and under conditions of fresh nickel-Chromium alloy Inconel 600 provides strong resistance to corrosion by various salt solutions. You can buy high resistant nickel alloys from companies such as rjtechnical.com.

As mentioned at the outset of this study, the gaseous hydrochloric acid solutions attempt to increase the alloy corrosion rate 400 Monel and Ni, the solutions of similar aerated acidic salt will also increase the corrosion rate of these alloys.

Here are the various salts of acids with which Monel 400, Inconel 600 were employees and corrosion data noticed from laboratory plant tests as shown in the following tables.

AlCl3- Ni was used for dissolving and tanks isomerization and Friedel-Crafts reactions, where aluminum chloride is used as catalyst.

NH4Cl- nickel is used as reservoirs for combining the battery pastes consisting of ammonium chloride and the evaporator tubes in the content of ammonium chloride solution at about 40%.

Nickel SbCl 3 was used for the condensation of vapors of antimony chloride, including moisture.

MgCl 2 In the device for evaporation and handling of hot magnesium chloride used for the production of magnesium, Inconel 600 alloy has been used satisfactorily.

The content of iron, copper and magnesium finished nickel must be kept very low. Inconel 600 is used because of the high degree of corrosion resistance and a Monel alloy 400 is resistant to stress corrosion cracking under stress in magnesium chloride solutions boiling. Monel 400 and Ni-Resist are used for these devices such as filters, pumps and valves.