Various Materials used for making bumper stickers

Do you need a political, philanthropic, business or other message? Bumper stickers will benefit you. This is an inexpensive, simple, and effective way to reach thousands of people every day.

The best 4×4 car stickers made of various materials are usually attached to the bumper and other vehicle's strategic surfaces so that drivers and passengers of other vehicles can see and read them.

The production of effective car stickers depends on the use of materials suitable for various types of stickers.

Material for making car stickers

Car stickers are intended for external and internal displays, as well as for temporary or long-term use. These factors determine the type of material from which various stickers are made.

The basic ingredients for the production of car stickers are listed below:


PVC is plastic from which, among other things, car stickers are made. PVC material used to make car stickers that can be transparent depending on the intended use.


Sticker paper is a hard material with a surface coated with an adhesive film. Other surfaces are used to print or write designs or print messages by hand or printer. Waterproof car stickers on bumpers are more durable than ordinary paper stickers.

The magnet

Magnets can be attached to commonly used metals such as steel and iron through magnetic attraction. Magnetic car stickers are glued to the steel and metal parts of the car and can be reused many times without losing the magnet.

Vinyl bumper sticker

Vinyl sticker material is used to make permanent and temporary display stickers for indoor and outdoor displays.