What A Home Health Care Agency Can Do For You?

Before you qualify for home care, especially if you hope to find a Medicare certified agent, you will need a doctor's referral to prove that you really need a certain level of care. In this recommendation, the doctor will determine exactly the type of caregiver mentioned and the level of care the patient needs. 

In general, your treatment plan may require a nurse for the elderly services, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), a physical therapist or personal care assistant, or a host. What services you get and what types of services you qualify for will depend on the reasons you seek help.

5 Truths About Home Health Care

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Here are all examples of times when you could use the services of a home care agency, along with some details on what to expect:-

1. Injury or disabling illness – Many people who receive home care only have serious injuries but are not life threatening or temporary illnesses. If you are in this situation and have difficulty carrying out normal household activities, you may be able to seek medical advice. 

2. Long-term disabilities – Long-term disabilities often require more detailed and consistent care. It is difficult to say exactly what cases need to be addressed, but it often requires assistance with general hygiene, physical therapy, housekeeping, preventing further injuries, helping with home care, taking medication and often teaching other homeowners how to care for patients. 

3. Elderly Care – While we often believe that our elderly relatives will one day be in a nursing home or life support center, they often don't need this form of constant or near-constant care.