What are the Benefits of Saddle Stitch Binding?

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Saddle stitching is a famous way of binding as it is less expensive than others such as coil, case, or wire binding. In saddle stitching, folded pages are settled down in a metal frame and staples are placed in the fold line to bind them. Saddle stitching comes with lots of benefits other than the price. Its advantages include:

  • Simplicity and speed: It’s a straightforward procedure that means a short time is required to do the setup. That’s why publishers prefer this mode to pull out multiple jobs on busy schedules.
  • Flexibility: It is suitable for long and short production runs as less preparation is needed.
  • Style and appearance: With saddle stitches, brochures, catalogues, and books look professional. It is the reason for the use of this method for glossy magazines that accommodate upscale clients.
  • Less shipping cost: It adds less weight and no extra bulk to printed materials helps keep the shipping cost in check. So, when you want to ship lots of magazines and books, savings matter.
  • Artistic freedom: Methods such as wire and coil binding process pages with lots of holes. This makes it unsuitable for materials that will have graphics or pictures that span adjoining pages. But saddle stitching utilizes unobtrusive staples which are visible only when the magazines or books are open from the middle.

But, irrespective of the binding you need, you should identify and work with an experienced printer. You will get to choose from a huge variety of papers, finishes, sizes, and unique looks for your printed materials from printers in Cleveland, QLD.