What Authors Have to Know About Book Delivery

Depending on how you have your books printed, you need to figure out what kind of inventory you need to have on hand. If you believe that your book will sell quite well, you might choose to publish a huge number like 500 or even 1,000 or more.

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What Authors Have to Know About Book Delivery

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If you are unsure, you might choose to publish a smaller amount. Offset printing is to your benefit if you're printing a huge number since the cost will be reduced per publication and the longer you publish, the lower the cost moves.

Printing a smaller amount, however, might be more suitable, or if your budget is modest, maybe using print-on-demand and electronic technologies to publish the publication will probably be cheaper.

Ensure that you always ask the printer concerning shipping choices. You have to determine what is most suitable and many cost-effective for you, and you may not necessarily coincide with another, which means you could need to select convenience over cost or vice-versa.

Subsequently, this writer chose to print his following book locally. He picked a printer roughly twenty-five miles off. He believed with a local printer could be cheaper by lowering his shipping expenses.