What Causes Oily Hair?


When it comes to healthy hair, it is capable of producing sebum or oil. This oil in turn offers protection by keeping the scalp hydrated. But there are people who face oily hair issues due to many reasons or factors such as hygienic habits, lifestyle etc. If you’re one of those who face oily hair issue, then these are some of the reasons.

  1. The Type of Hair – Hair type is probably the first reason that leads to oily hair. For instance; an individual with straight hair are known to be more sensitive to oily hair. This the type of hair that has very little texture forcing the oil to slide down in an area that later gets accumulated. Therefore, people with this type of hair makes the visibility of oil more.
  2. Washing a Lot – Over washing is another common reason that leads to oily hair. There’s no harm in washing the hair daily however, over washing makes the scalp force to send more signal for producing more oil. Therefore, the more you wash your hair, the more the scalp will be sending signals to produce oil.
  3. Using Products – Oily hair is also caused by using a ton of hair care products. For instance; if you’re using more on conditioner and less of shampoo, then it looks like the oil is disappearing. However, after some time, the oil starts to reappear more.

These are some of the causes that lead to oily hair. Ensure you get rid of it by getting keratin hair treatment at home to get rid of the excess oil.